Pinewood Conservation Gin



In collaboration with The National Trust for Scotland (NTS), we have created the wonderfully fresh and floral Pinewood Conservation Gin. Made with botanicals foraged from the wild heart of the Cairngorms, every purchase of Pinewood Conservation Gin supports their efforts to protect the pinewoods of Mar Lodge Estate and restore them to their former glory.


Caledonian pinewood is an iconic and much-loved natural and cultural resource of the Scottish Highlands. Statuesque ‘granny’ pines are scattered through the glens, many over 200 years old. The pinewood supports magnificent species such as pine marten, red squirrel, golden eagle, and the rare and diminutive twinflower.


But this woodland has been through hard times. Exploitation for timber, clearance of trees to create grazing land, and centuries of heavy grazing stifling natural regeneration has resulted in a woodland that is a shadow of its former self. Reduced in extent, fragmented and with an aging and dying population of trees, the future was looking grim.


The National Trust for Scotland is turning this around at Mar Lodge Estate National Nature Reserve, which holds nearly one thousand hectares of Scotland’s Caledonian pinewood. Young naturally seeded pines are now emerging from the heather in and around the forest, along with other species such as birch, rowan and willow. Under the ongoing care of the National Trust for Scotland we are working feverishly to restore the woodland to its former glory.


Pinewood Conservation Gin uses botanicals from plants found on the estate. Bog Myrtle and Wood Sorrel bring floral aromatics to the nose, Birch and Scot’s Pine lend a herbaceous, savoury body, and Blaeberries bring a warming honey-rich sweetness to the taste.


Pinewood Conservation Gin is 40% ABV and is available in 50cl bottles.


Please allow 5 working days for us to deliver your order. Delivery to UK through the website. For delivery beyond the UK please email Free shipping for orders over £75.

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