TOUCH the gin

Might seem crazy, but it’s a fact: your sense of smell accounts for something like 75% to 95% of your flavour impact. Say, for example, you weren’t able to smell the difference between slices of onion and fennel – it would be tricky to tell them apart.

The big challenge is that we have evolved to rely less on our sense of smell over the years. We no longer need smell to spot rotten meat or vegetables – instead, we use visual clues at the supermarket or look at best before dates. But this means we are potentially missing out on our primary tasting sense – and the key to mastering the mysteries of flavour!


As the Aroma Academy puts it, if they were to take a collection of spirits and remove the aroma molecules, gin drinkers would find the result pretty underwhelming on the sensory front, with not a lot to choose between them.

So with that news, gin-lovers, let’s up our game on the aroma recognition front and take time to enjoy our spirits to the full!