Vodka Martini Cocktail


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43.3% ABV


Making the perfect martini can take a bit of effort: endless testing of different spirits and vermouths, weighing up the ratio and deciding on the garnish. But lucky for you we were willing to put in the work! And the result? It’s Persie’s first ready-to-drink pre-mixed cocktail, taking all the effort out of Friday nights.


Our spirit of choice is Pusscat Vodka, a silky-smooth spirit which scooped a much-coveted medal at the latest World Vodka Awards. It was praised for its well-balanced sweetness and long, easy finish. And the purrfect pairing (forgive the pun) is Cocchi Americano vermouth.


Pusscat Vodka (45%)
Cocchi Americano Dry Vermouth (16.5%)

Rattle up with ice until your hand freezes to the cocktail shaker. (Or ignore James Bond and give it a good stir.)

Drain into a Manhattan glass and garnish with three green olives for health, wealth and happiness.


Pusscat Vodka Martini is available in 100ml bottles, the ideal aperitif for two. We also include two cocktail sticks and a 30g packet of natural Italian green olives. So all you need to have at home is ice.


And don’t forget that Pusscat Vodka raises money for cat rescue – so you can be feline good on two levels! We are proud sponsors of Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home by donating £1 per bottle to help rescue and rehome lost, stray and abandoned cats.


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