Branded Persie Glasses



A choice of three styles of glasses from Dartington, each branded with the Persie logo.


Box of 2 x Copa Glasses | Balloon style
Currently flavour of the month with the trendy gin-drinking set, the Copa G&T looks the part when topped with herbs, spices, fruit or floral garnishes. The long stem prevents the ice from melting too quickly.


Box of 4 x All Rounder Glasses | Large & Wide Tumbler style
An elegant glass suitable for all occasions. A short base and wide brim means you can enjoy your favourite gin, wine, beer or cocktail from this stylish yet versatile tumbler.


1 x Stemless Copa Glass | Short & Wide Tumbler style
For serious spirit drinkers who tend to prefer their drinks short and strong rather than focusing on the mixer or the garnish.


Dishwasher safe.

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